The Preparatory stage of coursework

Coursework is an independent scientific study of a student on a specific topic of the subject. The purpose of writing a coursework is the student’s consolidation of the knowledge gained in the course of the educational process on the subject passed. Thanks to the coursework, it is easier for the teacher to check the quality of the knowledge obtained by the student and the ability to apply this knowledge to solving professional problems. Therefore, a small scientific work is written on each course. It is called the coursework.

  1. Choose a topic. For starters, it is necessary to choose the right scientific leader – those teachers whose topics are the closest to you. Then to discuss with the professor a range of topics that can be taken for the coursework assistance. If you come to your scientific leader at the beginning of the academic year and demonstrate your sincere interest, adequacy and brains, a teacher will consider with you several variations. It is best to take a few topics from the teacher and a time-out for a week – to analyze the information and to think which is simpler, more complicated, more interesting.
  2. Research of general information. Encyclopedias, textbooks, dictionaries, review articles in the Internet (or at least Wikipedia) will allow you to understand in general terms what the coursework will be about. Do not ignore this stage, otherwise it will not be easy to make a clear plan. But you do not need to bury yourself in the materials – perhaps the teacher will make corrections to your plan, will require focusing on some issues and omit others.
  3. Draw up a plan and a list of used materials. When you get a general idea of the topic of the coursework, begin to draw up a plan. More precisely, two plans: brief and abstract. First, make a short plan for writing a coursework, discuss it with the teacher. Then write out the plan in the theses for each paragraph: what are you going to write about, what issue will you disclose. It is better to rewrite the plan five times than rewrite all the coursework once!  As a rule, books that the teacher advised are not enough. The student has to find the right materials himself. The list of textbooks and encyclopedias will not be enough. It should also include articles in scientific journals and collections, monographs.
  4. Search for the materials. First, consider the plan and abstracts – to understand what information you need to find. Then analyze the list of sources. Divide it into parts: those from which you will take away most of the information and auxiliary materials, from which you will take a couple of quotes.

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