The key concept of the terms definitions I’m discussing is usually defined: Urban Regeneration: To designate (a street) for the use of pedestrians only, disallowing motor vehicles, normally to prohibit traffic conditions. Environmental Quality: Environmental quality is a set of properties and characteristics of the environment and surroundings, either general or local. CB: The central business district of an urban area, typically containing an intense concentration of offices, shops, housing and retail activities.

Land use: land use is the human modification of natural environment or Brownfield sites to built environment such as fields, pastures, (rundown) settlements. This creates dominant activity taking place on an area of land. Optimistically, I will look into these topics further though out my investigation. There are also two main theories which are apparent however loosely developed in my investigation; 1. The urban decline: in the I-J, urban decline has impacted businesses and shops in Birmingham CB due to out of town shopping centre, the rundown parts of the CB (I. E.

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Birmingham bullring), And the influence of crime and vandalism that Birmingham appears to have a reputation for. Urban decline is a great issue in the economy due to the depression of people lack of payments, costs, spending 2. The regeneration: the regeneration of a CB is required when the businesses and jobs are lacking commerce due to the lack of customers/buyers. Regeneration for Cab’s can improve shops and businesses, transport, security and enhance pediatrician’s to avoid traffic conditions Referring to the theories that are reasonably situated, the purpose of my method data collection I am studying.

Is the following the hypothesis “Has the regeneration of Birmingham CB made it a more desirable place to work and shop? ” I have plopped my research to collaborate and prove my notion about the regeneration of our CB. I carried out multiple surveys the will help me observe the area of Birmingham CB; an environmental survey (that I conducted was within the Bullring, Brindled place and the Mail box using a tick chart) in order to describe the opinion in order to get a idea on the effect after regeneration of Birmingham CB.

The two apparent main theories are present in my primary data that I have conducted (I. E. My surveys). The relevance between my method and theories that I possess, that it promotes my investigation that follows the hypothesis “Has the generation of Birmingham CB made it a more desirable place to work and shop? “, also I have perform various surveys that will help me in this investigation that are based on my question, the purpose of my key processes, using this to support my data collection.

The purpose for my primary data collection is to assist my research in the investigation is to put forward my research. Secondary data will be utilized: Most of my methods data that I used to conduct my information consists of primary and secondary data: Primary data; is conducted evidence that is established personally E. G. Photos of the areas described and labeled in detail or the surveys (usually paper based). Secondary data; is hard evidence that is usually done in advance by other people such as (e. G. ) newspaper articles, web pages, posters etc.

Birmingham CB is currently affected by economic depression that most businesses and Jobs are suffering from. This creates an atmosphere of people who don’t wish to spend money, also out of town businesses are gaining consumers rather than people shopping in Cab’s such as merry hill touch wood and Perry bar. Birmingham CB had to endure hardship from lack of customers before the regeneration. This creates robbers that Cab’s aren’t able to cope with recessions. The location I wish to converse is with reference to Birmingham CB, specifically the Bullring, Brindled place and the Mail box.

Its original location is in the United Kingdom, in England, in the West Midlands and locally found in the centre of Birmingham: Birmingham is a thriving industrial and commercial centre situated in the heart of England, a highly common urban area that is located in the centre of the west midlands. Birmingham has been regenerating itself visually as well as industrially with developments such as the Mailbox and the recently rebuilt Bull Ring Shopping Centre, making it a striking attractive modern European city.

Birmingham is also authorized by the Birmingham city council, currently one of the largest council in Europe. There are many attractions such as The Jewelry Quarter and Brindled place. My background in this investigation is also visible, for instance, . Questions asked such as; What were the problems with the CB? What has been done/is being done to cure the city’s fear of crime, vandalism and bad reputation in Birmingham CB? The regeneration for Birmingham CB was needed for a number of reasons (key points): All will be further discussed in detail though out my investigation.

Methodology Once more, my geographical topic for my investigation is the decline and regeneration of common Cab’s the reason I have chosen this because I think that this will support the intricacy in my investigation. I have collected the data in variety of ways using surveys, secondary evidence, and photos and inserting them in a methodology, to help me deepen my consideration into the question: “Has the regeneration of Birmingham CB made it a more desirable place to work and shop? I have collected my data and I wish to support my investigation with my methods of data collection that I have been conducted. Method Sample Size Description of method Reason for choice of method Problems with method Public opinion survey: My main target was to nine residence and My method of data collection took place around three main areas in Birmingham CB that we observable to get a basic idea of the area; The bullring,brindled place and The mailbox The method was carried out different sources information creating Unsystematic data.

I asked random people who were around these areas questioning them about common things that affect our environment -It’s seems to be unbiased unlike most of the other surveying techniques, his will help me in the question to make my responses more accurate -The method is fair and equal, representing data that is mostly reliable, giving accurate and fair answers, this will ensure that my answers aren’t false and mistaken -it allowed us to tally our information down making our information more easy to record – A Public opinion survey is necessary because its to recorded what the publics consideration are about the environment rather that your own, giving a better impression, ideas and evidence towards this study This method is more time consuming than non-representative methods. Expensive and has to be accomplished in advance. – Each person has to be located and questioned in person; also they can deny any request for information.

Environmental survey: We managed to complete all 3 questionnaires in all three areas; The bullring,brindled place and The mailbox. A simple tick chart was used to observe the environment to the since Birmingham recently refurbished CB we observed all aspects of the environmental quality at The bullring,brindled place and The mailbox. A simple scale between +2 (high) and -2 (very poor) Judging the buildings, traffic, open space/ agitation and general quality -It seems like a simple and reasonable technique to take information down. -it’s more efficient in giving clearer detail than other graphs and idea what to environment is similar to, This gives efficient data. An environmental questionnaire will help me because my task is to Judge the environment since it’s regeneration and determine it’s improvement, specifying the urban environmental activity in Birmingham CB will help me confirm my hypothesis. -its time consuming and can take discussion to decide. -Just assuming the environmental quality isn’t accurate enough, because people have efferent opinions on the quality of the environment. Photos (produced): annotated most of them in my inquiry. I when to observe of all three main settings in Birmingham CB; The bullring,brindled place and The mailbox. I took photos of common factors, annotating the changes or alteration of the environment such as litter, vandalism or physical damage. – It gives an efficient way to give information giving a lot of photographically detail, showing appearance of the bullring.

And the quality of it’s environment. -A numerous amount of informative images could have been taken. Photos can be useful because they can give graphic detail and give physical attributes of what the environmental quality is like, this allows us to annotate pictures and give extensive and accurate information about the Cab’s environment Just by looking at the location photographically -Processing (uploading) the images on a computer proved a problem and required IT experience. -A limited abound of images can only be taken. Secondary data (internet article): I have found a web article online located by the following link below: http://www. Regimen. Erg/actualities/deadliness’s/dulling taken on 6/12/10 My method I used for the secondary data is the use of facts, figures, dates and data that were perceptible in the internet article and I planed to use this data in conjunction with the rest of my evidence,using the secondary data to back up the evidence I have The quotes from secondary data that supports my presumption towards the main question -to help us give further detail from other associates, strengthening our point of view -internet articles can be useful because It gives additional, professional information about the regeneration of our CB aiding us towards giving us an idea how regarding he regeneration -l also wish to expand my evidence relevant to my investigation – secondary data isn’t insincerely truthful and dost comply with wholly with the data produced survey, a public opinion survey and other conducted surveys performed around the Bullring, Brindled place and The Mailbox produced by myself all related to the background of this investigation; the decline and regeneration of Birmingham CB. This is our environmental survey that we used for the study of the 3 areas that we inspected, observing the overemotional quality that the bullring,brindled place and the mail box consists of.

The inspection consisted of the Judgment of the quality of buildings ,traffic ,open spaces/vegetation and general quality measured on a scale of 5 (High) and O (Very poor). Environmental Quality Survey Name of person assessing Location What is being assessed? (Housing, street, industry, offices etc. ) General description of area Qualities being assessed High 5 Generally fine 4 Average 3 Generally poor 2 Very poor -1 Buildings 1. Well designed / pleasing to the eye Poorly designed / ugly 2. In good condition In poor condition 3. Evidence of maintenance / improvement 4. Outside -open spaces are in good condition Outside -open spaces in poor condition 5. No vandalism evident Extensive vandalism Traffic 6.

Roads have no traffic congestion Streets badly congested 7. Parking is easy; spaces provided Parking is very difficult; no parking provision 8. No traffic noise 9. Safe for people Dangerous for people 10. No smell from traffic or other pollution Obvious smell from traffic or other pollution Open space / vegetation 11. Lots of space for pedestrians to walk safely Very little/No space for pedestrians to walk safely 12. Trees and shrubs visible No greenery visible 13. Public open space within easy distance No public open space easily accessible General quality Much litter 15. Roads well maintained with paving etc. Well kept Roads poorly maintained with paving etc. Broken 16.

Close to public transport Long way from public transport Some of the place that we had visited a number of places to compete our coveys: Presentation I am presenting my results for the environmental survey, my public opinion survey, photos and any secondary data that I have attained, all of my presentable evidence and data will be as follows: Environmental survey: We had used an overemotional quality questionnaire to Judge the environment based on Asia attributes too CB such as Birmingham, we had assessed the quality that those three areas possessed Asking the public will probably give use an understandable idea of how the regeneration of Birmingham CB has effected them in a way and how they feel regarding the improvement of the center of Birmingham since the last decade. In this survey we had designed four simple questions that were targeted at the public around Birmingham bullring aiming to ask people their opinion as dispersed and as unsystematic as possible, hopefully to give a reasonable response, the results are as follows: Base map Termination The data I have been composing though out this investigation is based on two theory’s that are evident in my study is the decline and regeneration of Cab’s .

This will be support though out my interpretation, seeking an explanation for in the relations between the theses and the results, hopefully making clear of the outcomes in my results, and to clarify why these circumstances have developed a clear configuration in the survey. First of all I had conduced multiple surveys, including an environmental survey, to give purpose to Judge the environmental quality reinforce y idea of the question: “Has the regeneration of Birmingham CB made it a more desirable place to work and shop? ” the purpose for the environmental survey was to judge the environment and observe its quality since its regeneration. In this paragraph I wish to clarify my question (“Has the regeneration of Birmingham CB made it a more desirable place to work and shop? “) to finalize the evidence that I have achieved in this investigation.

The key findings within my investigation was the data from my environmental survey that I had conducted, the public survey, photos ND secondary data My results have shown a great deal of understanding and my methods present some proof within this investigation. And I want to manipulate this data to show the specific data collections movement around the bullring based on the hypothesis. Most of the data composed for the environmental survey was carried out in dotted areas around the bullring, hoping to get a randomized and non-bias method of data collection. This result does give an understanding towards a pattern; These results that are represented in this graph show confirmation to how popular

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