Knowledge Organization use of language Evaluation The first skill is communication. Communication is needed to be an effective coach. They use this skill to pass on information to the players so they know what to do through the use of verbal and non-verbal communication. For example using motivation techniques and whistles. As well as being approachable and a good listener and demonstrator this Is an excellent skill to have so all the athletes know exactly what to do and can respond effectively. A football coach would use this skill before a game to discuss tactics, formations and what is expected of them.

He will intention to shout and use hand signals during the game to pass on information to the players. Therefore communication is vital to being a good coach. Target setting is also a good skill to have. A good coach sets appropriate goals and targets which helps Individuals Improve their sports performance, ensuring these objectives are challenging whilst soul being realistic and attainable. This helps to motivate the athletes, hence improving their performance. A football coach would use target setting in training sessions to make sure the players have a target point to reach, which involves working hard to achieve the set goal.

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This acts as motivation which is vital to a good sports performer. For example, saying that we need to win the next 5 games or Improve our defense. This will help the players to focus on an area of development. Having an actually structure Is vital to being a good coach. You have to plan suitable lessons for the group that the coach is leading. This would include warm up sessions, organized practices and drills to improve performance and base skills, combined with short games and then an appropriate cool down period.

Throughout the session they rotate around offering advice and feedback encouraging sigh standards. In order to be a good coach you have to organized, therefore having an actually structure will be beneficial. It can also act towards helping athletes reach knowledge in your field of expertise it essential to be a good sports leader/coach. A good leader takes part in lots of activities run by different people and shows willingness to learn new thing which gives him a better understanding of delivering sports sessions.

They have a good knowledge of the health and safety factors associated with sport e. G. Emergency procedures and basic first aid knowledge. With lack of knowledge in your preferred sports, a coach would lack the ability to have confidence in their teaching which is also a key aspect to being a good sports leader. Being organized is very important, a good sports leader will consider that facilities available, the level of expertise of their sports team and group size when planning their activities.

They organism the equipment that is needed for the session(s) they will be leading. They have to understand how to use the equipment to ensure it is used in a safe and effective manner. A football coach would use various pieces of equipment to train and teach the players for example footballs and cones or leg exercise machines to improve stamina. If you’re not organized your training session won’t move smoothly which will interfere with the players learning and ultimately their performance. Your use of language is key in being a good coach.

There is no right or wrong way of language use in coaching, however, there has been multiple examples of when certain students have reacted positively to aggressive language used during training sessions. For example in the terms of the coach shouting and screaming at the players so that they work harder. Some players tend to become a little scared of their coaches so that they work hard. However, too much aggression does not react positively with all players, as they may get De-motivated. As well as using a strict firm voice, being clam and passive may also be a good way to interact with certain students.

The nature of language used depends upon the coach’s style and the most effective method for the students concerned. The last skill that is vital to being a good sports leader is to be able to evaluate the performance of the players, how the training session went and also to help plan the next training session hat would be beneficial to the players. Having evaluation skills allows you to tell the players what they have learnt and how they have improved and what further work is required. It also lets the players know how they have progressed. . Qualities The qualities of a good coach I will cover below are: Confidence Personality (stable mentality & empathy) Leadership style Motivational style Enthusiasm Appearance Having the correct qualities as a sports leader is extremely important, as a coach you have to be approachable and have the correct leadership style. The first quality is avian confidence. The leader wants to succeed and is very confident in their own ability. They are confident in their knowledge, understanding, organization and structure of their activities.

They pass their confidence onto their team so that they beginning of the lesson, to show the players that he knows what he is doing and it acts to motivate the players. The qualities that you have are made up mainly from your personality. To become a good sports leader you have to have a stable mentality which enables the group to work effectively. You have to be able to show empathy by understanding the participant’s needs and the team has to feel comfortable and confident enough to approach you as the leader for advice and support, which ultimately builds a good working relationship. Leadership style is also a key quality to have.

A good leader varies the style and methods they use with their groups. For example, they command and take control of all of the decisions if working in dangerous situations (autocratic), at other times they enable the group to take more responsibility (democratic), and sometimes allows the group to make decisions to help keep them motivated (laissez-fairer). You need to have motivation for your Job. A good sports leader is self motivated (intrinsic) and works for their personal satisfaction rather than for money and prizes (extrinsic). Enthusiasm is key. A good leader is very positive which passes onto the group and keeps them motivated.

When analyzing performances, the leader maintains a positive approach, where weaknesses are discussed constructively so that the group understands what they need to work on. Appearance is very important. It sets the standard by dressing in the appropriate attire, gaining the respect of the group as they are a role model. Dressing smart makes them feel confident when delivering their session and they also differentiate what they are wearing from the rest of the group so that they are easily identified. 4. Responsibilities A coach takes on significant responsibilities as the leader of their group.

I discuss the following key responsibilities below: Professional conduct Equality Child Protection Health & Safety You have to have the correct set of responsibilities to be a good sports leader. One of them is having a correct professional conduct: this leader demonstrates proper personal and professional behavior at all times. They are professional in their dress, appearance, behavior, attitude and conduct (both verbal and non-verbal) Equality: ethics and values are also critical for the sports leader: a good coach promotes qualities of fairness, honesty and responsibility.

They always ensure fair play in all sports and discourage any antisocial forms of behavior. Child protection: the sports leader realizes that it is of paramount importance that they do not put children at risk and knows how to spot any potential signs of abuse. The leader upholds a safe environment by doing their best to ensure that young people can have fun and enjoy heir participation, without being hindered by others.

Health and safety: the leader always provides a safe environment for people to undertake sports and they attempt to minimize the risk of any potential injuries. They ensure that rules and regulations are followed to reduce any risks involved. In conclusion, leaders must have a mixture of all of the skills, qualities and responsibilities to become the best sports leader they can. The coach needs to focus on the relevant key areas depending upon the group being coached and needs to flex their approach as appropriate.

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