After the death of Allan – intimacies with strangers was all seemed able to fill my empty heart with”. This shows that both the characters get into this mess due to love and their inability to retain a relationship whereby they engage in hasty and ill-thought decisions resulting in the amassing chaos. Both characters are also illusions and they hide away their true selves to the world. Gatsby, in the end even though he’s a self-created millionaire built out of nothing but lies, Nick singles him out as the only real person in a crowd of fakes: “better than the whole damn bunch put together”.

Balance also pretends that she does not know what is happening and chooses not to acknowledge it as it is only going to lead her getting burned as usual with her previous encounters. Both characters choose to hide themselves away and this is likely because they cannot cope with this new reality and this new environment where neither know what to do. The characters are also microcosms of society in that time period as they show certain parts of society. Gatsby shows the new America, where people do whatever it takes to get to the top and this usually meant illegal activities e. G. Bootlegging or gangsters.

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This is shown by Gatsby who is nobody famous or well known but made his wealth and has a lavish lifestyle. Balance represents old America, the golden ass vs. the normal ass, she shows America’s struggle to conform to new ideals and the struggle of the ‘Flappers age”. These were the short skirt, short hair, casual sex, smoke/drink in public and they would have been the people Balance grew up around so they influenced her morality and decency and meant that she would see “casual sexual encounters” acceptable. Regarding the social and moral circumstances, the characters reference light a lot.

In “streetcar”, Balance avoids appearing in direct, bright light, especially in front of her suitor, Mitch. She also refuses to reveal her age, and it is clear that she avoids light in order to prevent him from seeing the reality Of her fading beauty. In general, light also symbolizes the reality of Blanches past. She is haunted by the ghosts of what she has lost-?her first love, her purpose in lifer her dignity and later her sanity. In “Great Gatsby” Situated at the end of Daisy East Egg dock and barely visible from Gatsby)detest Egg lawn, the green light represents Gatsby hopes and dreams for the future.

Gatsby associates it with Daisy, and in Chapter 1 huaraches toward it in the darkness as a guiding light to lead him to his goal. Because Gatsby quest for Daisy is broadly associated with the American dream. The characters differ by gender and this means the men are influenced by and, often, married to, and the circumstances in which they live and work dictate the women’s characters and personalities. In The Great Gatsby’ and ‘A Streetcar’, Daisy and Balance suffer degeneration in terms of their mentality and their morals due to the behavior and actions of the men in their lives.

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