Certain indications like when a girl has been pressured to have sex with her boyfriend and he has invited her to a party to do it; her mother says no and err attitude arises from that once peaceful quiet angel to a devil of darkness. Peer pressure can destroy families if influenced in a negative way. Not all peer pressure is a sure bad influence. Some peer pressure like churches and Christians on fire for Christ can help a person to want to be better. Also a smart person who is getting good grades could pressure you to do so as well.

Unemployment Unemployment is common among the Bohemian society. Many struggle with the lack off job to sustain living. This social pressure is a very serious one, this can affect the way a family may have to live or is presently living. Parents not being able to provide for their children and themselves become stressed and hurt. This is truly a load or burden so much as a pressure. Lack of finance Lack of finance is common amongst impoverished groups here in the Bahamas. These are the people with low income jobs who find it hard to sustain a living.

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This affects the family because each individual will desire to have things that a common middle class person may have, and will not be able to obtain it because they simply can’t afford it. Lack of finance is a problem too because it causes crime in the country; many people are robbing t gunpoint; selling drugs to get this money and hustling on the streets. All this because a mother could not afford to by her son those new Cordon’s or a father could not afford to buy his daughter that Kipling bag she wanted. Alcoholism Alcoholism is a major pressure felt by the majority of families.

Men most considerably go to the bar, get drunk and then go off with some woman that isn’t his wife whilst his wife is at home taking care of her children awaiting the arrival of her husband. This is one of the leading causes of divorce and distrust in the family and causes many families to be broken. Domestic Violence Domestic violence is a gang related pressure that affects the family a great deal. A family that has a gang member may suffer the toll of his/her death or imprisonment. This is usually as a result of selling drugs; messing with another gang and even a girlfriend who is with another guy.

This is what happens commonly in our Bohemians society. Us absence Abuse Substance abuse is a pressure that involves a great deal of people. You have the suppliers, the sellers and the consumers. They all have to cooperate in order for drug selling to be effective which can affect the average family. Why? Because drug dealing brings in a great deal of money if not caught; a family member might not have finances to sustain him/her so the yield to the pressure of selling drugs. But the main ways substance abuse can affect the family is when a member is on drugs.

He/she may lose his/her mind; may become brutal to children or other members of the family and may even die because of an overuse of drugs. This has contributed to the crime rate in the Bahamas. CHAPTER 3: Problems faced by the family Every family faces problems today in society. There is no such thing as a reflect family, like for instance the first family that ever existed was Adam and his family. Cain was jealous of his brother because his offering was pleasing to the Lord, and as a result he killed his brother Abe’.

Some of the problems faced by the family are lack of finance, religion, substance abuse, alcoholism, divorce and unemployment. Lack of finances is a major problem faced by the family today because many persons are struggling to make ends meet. The recession particularly has taken hold of the majority of our nation whereas many individuals have to cut back on name brands and class material. This affects the family because when confronted with people of status it makes them feel inferior. Not to mention, people with financial problems may not be able to pay rent, home bills, and food.

Religion is a problem faced today by persons in a family having a different religion than that of the rest of the family or one who has no religion at all. Some family members are mistreated, neglected and even disowned. Substance abuse is a major problem today where person on illegal drugs and overdoses have endangered their lives and as a result have taken it away (suicide). People on drugs have a semi conscience. They cannot think, walk, or talk properly. This can affect the persons Job reputation (cause them to get fired or not hired), cause the person to become ill or simple kill the person.

Alcoholism affects the family because it causes many people who become drunk to begin a rage. This rage can lead to child abuse. Alcoholism is a disease that causes people to become drunk. When a person is drunk they become semi conscience. Child abuse affects the family whereas the child has been abused by the parent or guardian. This can cause the child to go into deep depression, guilt and cause the child to commit suicide. Child abuse not only affects the child physically but mentally also and may cause a child to grow up and become mad.

Divorce, common among society is a problem of the family in which a family is separated because of lack of agreement between the two biological parents. This affects both single parents and mostly the children who feel as if it were their fault. And lastly, unemployment is a problem faced today where the guardian has no job and has to find means of money to sustain living. This becomes hard on the children because items to maintain living standards are now very limited. Like a new school bag or new school shoes or simply books for school.

CHAPTER 4: Roles and responsibilities of the Family Ever member of the family has roles and responsibilities; some more menial than others. The Family members are the Father, Mother, Son, and Daughter. The role of the Father is to work to provide for the family and to protect the family. The role of the mother is to take care of her husband and be his help. Her responsibilities are to cook, clean and teach the children Godly morals and principles. The role of the son is to Help his father and to protect his mother when he is not home or around.

The role of the daughter is to help her mother and to be taught by the mother how to cook clean and take care Of a family so that she too can pass on these godly principles and morals. Chapter 5: Divorce and its effect on the family Divorce is the legal separation of two married people from their bond of marriage. The Bible speaks against divorce but, promotes it only under extreme circumstances as in the case of Moses and Sarah. Divorce was intended for an extremely failing relationship for example abusive relationships. Here and now in the world people get divorces for many different reasons.

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